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Szablóna:Template shortcut This template outputs lorem ipsum filler text. It takes four parameters: the number of paragraphs to generate, paragraph prefix, paragraph suffix, and an option to link lorem ipsum. There are 10 distinct paragraphs, but it can produce up to 20.

Usage[editëjë zdrój]

{{Lorem ipsum|2|* "|"}} generates: Szablóna:Lorem ipsum

Note that whitespace is important in the second and third parameters, as {{Lorem ipsum|1| * " | " }} results in: Szablóna:Lorem ipsum

All sections of text can run together by entering a space into the third parameter. <blockquote style="background: white">{{Lorem ipsum|2|| }}</blockquote> will produce:

Szablóna:Lorem ipsum

To link lorem ipsum, either enter link=yes, or yes into the fourth parameter. {{Lorem ipsum|2=#|link=yes}} or {{Lorem ipsum|1|#||yes}} will generate: Szablóna:Lorem ipsum

If less than 446 characters are desired, then Template:Str left can be used. {{Str left|{{Lorem ipsum}}|123}}. will result in:

Szablóna:Str left.

Full text[editëjë zdrój]

Szablóna:Lorem ipsum